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Business Continuity Facilities BRM

drcfront2Business Continuity Facilities BRM

The Disaster Recovery/Business Resumption Center is a secure facility that is fully equipped and readily available to accommodate over 60 people. It provides a location for clients to conduct business functions in the event that access to their primary facility is denied or impaired.

The facility has private offices, conference rooms and workstations equipped with computers, fax machines, printers, copiers, and telephones. Rooms are wired to support all your voice, data, fax and telecommunication needs.

Conveniently located near downtown Pittsburgh, the Center is easily accessible to all major highways and the Pittsburgh International Airport.


Using the technology of the Center’s state-of-the-art PBX system, your local and long distance telephone calls and data will be routed to the center. Re-routing occurs within minutes, allowing critical voice activity and work to continue until normal operations resume. Calls can then be transferred as requested using our Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system.


The Center offers a “hot site,” “warm site” or “cold site” setup to provide full-function backup facilities for your local computing requirements. The Center can interface remotely with IBM or Sungard, providing a fully integrated end user recovery facility for testing or actual emergencies. The necessary hardware, network connectivity, and technical support is available to assist you, whether developing a plan, testing a plan, or recovering from an unplanned business interruption.

Real Needs For Disaster Recovery

These recent events have caused businesses to re-evaluate their approach to business continuity.




 Enron bankruptcy


 World Trade Center/Pentagon terrorist bombing


 SARS outbreak


 Northeast power blackout


 Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne within six weeks


 Southeast Asian tsunami


 Train derailment with chlorine gas leak in South Carolina


 Hurricane Katrina


 Southern California wildfires



 Conveniently located in Pittsburgh

 Spacious offices and conference rooms capable of supporting over 60 people

 Facility wired to 100-KVA backup generator

 24-hour security and video surveillance

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1018 Western Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15233
412-321-5152 (Fax)

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Business Records Management serves clients across the United States from our underground facilities in Western Pennsylvania, conveniently situated close to Pittsburgh, PA and Youngstown, OH.

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