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Data Protection

Data Protection

Securing Your Data

Data Security

How long would it take to recreate all the documents, images, intellectual property and other vital information stored on your computer?  How much would it cost?

In today’s digital world, it is increasingly important to keep your data safe and secure. Hackers, viruses and phishing are commonplace, so sensitive and confidential data must be kept in the right hands.

Business Records Management offers complete solutions to your data storage concerns. Our offsite media vault is ideally equipped to handle computer backup tapes, media tapes, surveillance video, vital records, film, source code and original intellectual property.

Your important data cannot be left susceptible to the elements or out in the open. The only safe and secure business practice is to ensure that your vital data is stored by professionals.

Media Containers and Data Storage Products

Business Records Management offers a wide range of digital media storage containers to assist in your records management needs. BRM media containers are specially sized to hold multiple data cartridges in protective metal or heavy-grade plastic.

 Digital Media Storage Containers.pdf

Computer Media Storage and Rotation

Business Records Management has the solution to your computer media storage problems: protection of vital computer media, handled with expertise in climate controlled storage vaults. With our state-of-the-art environmentally controlled storage facilities, Business Records Management has been providing vaulting services for over 20 years.

Business Records Management provides computer media vaulting services to more than 300 companies throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia including many Fortune 500 companies.

 Computer Media Storage and Rotation.pdf

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Software Escrow Services

Software source code is safe and secure with Business Records Management.  Software escrow is a solution that protects both the rights of software end users and the proprietary technology of software developers.  Our escrow clients range from small developers to Fortune 100 and 500 companies, and include local, state, and federal agencies.

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Business Continuity Facilities

The Disaster Recovery/Business Resumption Center is a secure facility that is fully equipped and readily available to accommodate over 60 people. It provides a location for clients to conduct business functions in the event that access to their primary facility is denied or impaired.  The facility has private offices, conference rooms and workstations equipped with computers, fax machines, printers, copiers, and telephones. Rooms are wired to support all your voice, data, fax and telecommunication needs.  Differences between a “warm site” and a “cold site“.

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Business Records Management serves clients across the United States from our underground facilities in Western Pennsylvania, conveniently situated close to Pittsburgh, PA and Youngstown, OH.

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