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Records Management

Information Management

Buried in papersYour records are safe, secure, and easily accessed with Business Records Management.

Business Records Management currently manages records for more than 4,400 organizations of all sizes throughout the United States.

Business Records Management’s off-site storage facilities are custom-designed for state-of-the-art records storage and management. All of our buildings have:

• Fire-resistant construction
• Monitored security systems with controlled access
• Video surveillance
• Fire protection systems
• Location outside of all areas designated as flood plains.

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Special Projects

When you decide to invest in projects to better manage your records and irreplaceable assets, many vendors will fit your needs into a predefined solution. Business Records Management knows that each customer has unique requirements and our processes are designed to be adaptable. Regardless of what type of projects your organization requires, you can be confident that Business Records Management can help design a solution that meets your needs.

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Records Legal Compliance

Your organization generates records every day and a proactive records management program is essential to meet increasing regulatory demands. These regulations place a significant administrative compliance burden on organizations. Whether the concern is ensuring timely access to records, privacy protection or even preventing identity theft, Business Records Management has the expertise and resources to help support your organization’s needs.

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Storage Cartons

Business Records Management offers a wide range of products to assist in your records management needs.  BRM boxes are specially sized to hold file folders, legal files, checks, x-rays and microfiche.  Some boxes can hold maps and architectural drawings either flat or rolled.  For more information on our record storage cartons click here. In addition to record storage boxes, we also offer digital media storage containers.

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Document Preservation

Business Records Management uses the latest technologies to ensure the proper preservation of stored records and documents with a patented process called de-acidification, which extends the life of books and manuscripts by neutralizing the acid found in paper. Librarians and archivists at the world’s leading universities and institutions use this preservation process.

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File Room Management

Our professional staff is trained to complete any special project for your document management needs, such as file room moves, redesigns, installations, and purges.

Business Records Management can help you design a new file room, organize an existing room, re-index files, purge medical records, or any other project to make your records filing and tracking systems more efficient. Throughout relocation or construction, Business Records Management can store and manage records at our warehouse to maintain a smooth transition and uninterrupted access to your information.

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Records Management Consulting

Business Records Management’s highly trained and experienced staff can assist you in various records management tasks, using procedures and forms that we develop and customize to suit your needs.

BRM can evaluate client goals, workflow, policies and systems, and develop a cost-effective records management system tailored to fit your company.

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Business Records Management serves clients across the United States from our underground facilities in Western Pennsylvania, conveniently situated close to Pittsburgh, PA and Youngstown, OH.

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