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Scanning & Imaging

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Scanning & Imaging

Business Records Management provides a solution that enables you to capture images of business documents at an exceptional level of quality.  Document imaging brings paper and electronics together, and lets customers improve the quality and efficiency of their business.

From Paper to Electronic

Document imaging refers to the capture, storage, retrieval and manipulation of electronic images of documents.  While the concept is similar to microfilm technology, electronic document imaging offers capabilities that far surpass film-based techniques.  BRM can scan paper documents and convert them to digital images that can be saved as .tiff, .jpg, .pdf or other file formats, and store them on a hard drive, CD, DVD or other external device.

Documents can be scanned for immediate use or for your archives, allowing you to recycle the paper copies.  The resulting scanned document can be viewed quickly and easily on your computer screen.

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Storage Concerns

Information doubles every 2.5 years.  The number of pages per employee increases 10% each year.

While paper storage requires vast amounts of floor space, electronic documents can be stored on a desktop computer.  Additional costs are incurred with the purchase of files and file cabinets.  If a business uses 1000 square feet of storage space at $25 per square foot, the cost is $25,000 per year.  By waiting three years to scan paper documents, the cost is $75,000.  Meanwhile, the original documents continue to deteriorate.

Fast Retrieval

Typical office workers spend 40% of their time looking for information.  People spend 150 hours each year looking for incorrectly filed documents.

Once an electronic database has been established, documents can be associated with each other.  A search in a database reveals all documents related to a specified project.  Upon retrieval, a document can be emailed anywhere in a matter of minutes.  Efficiency in the retrieval of documents can affect an entire company.

Electronic Security

The average document is copied nine times.  On average, 8% of documents are lost, and another 15% are misplaced.

Once documents are in electronic form, they can be easily backed up.  Electronic documents can be stored on a hard drive, copied to a tape or even networked throughout a company.  One CD can store hundreds of documents. Thousands of documents can fit on ten CDs, and can be stored in a fireproof safe or an offsite vault.

Modular Software Suite


Business Records Management’s optional document management and workflow software is capable of capturing, storing and displaying dozens of different file formats.  Physical documents are scanned using any of a wide range of industry-standard scanners.  Indexing methods include manual, barcode, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) and database import routines from other systems.  Combinations of methods can also provide maximum flexibility and efficiency with any type of document.


 Fast document retrieval

 Millions of documents can be stored per cubic foot

 Low operations and labor costs

 Data stays protected

 Comply with industry guidelines and legislation

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