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Shredding Services


Shredding Services

Document Shredding

What are the implications if your sensitive information fell into the wrong hands?

Are there criminal charges, fines and headlines in your trash?

Your waste containers may hold valuable company assets. Much more than useless trash, they may contain confidential health records, proprietary client information and priceless trade secrets that, if exposed, could result in loss of business, unfavorable publicity, and possible civil or criminal prosecution.

Due to many federal regulations and individual retention policies, secure document destruction is a must for any business today. It is imperative to properly dispose of your confidential and private paper records. Business Records Management provides complete solutions for records destruction.

BRM in Erie, PA and Johnstown, PA are both AAA-Certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) for high standards and ethics in the responsible destruction of confidential materials.

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 On-Site Shredding

Business Records Management will pick up all confidential material and destroy it immediately in our on-site shredding trucks. Your Material is than taken out to our On-Site shredding truck and immediately shredded using a pierce and tear method producing cuts no bigger than 5/8” in size. This method is equivalent to a cross-cut technique. After being shredded the paper is compressed in the back of the truck were it is mixed with tons of other shredded documents making it impossible to retrieve any information from the documents.

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Off-Site Shredding

All documents are picked up by a Business Records Management service representative, locked in our trucks, and then destroyed off-site at our secure shredding facility. Your Material is placed in locked containers on our locked box truck. They are then transported to our secure facility on the NorthSide of Pittsbugh. The locked containers are taken inside our building where they remain locked until they are ready for destruction. All destruction takes place on the same day.

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Drop Off Shredding

Business Records Management currently has an appointment drop off service at our location on the North Side of Pittsburgh.  After scheduling an appointment with us, we will shred your documents that you bring to our facility.  You will be able to witness the shredding at our state-of-the-art facility.

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Media Destruction

Our industrial shredders are capable of destroying much more then paper. Arrangements can be made to destroy just about anything you have, including (Not NAID AAA Certified, use a third party supplier):

  • Compact DisksPOC_8865
  • Floppy Disks
  • Credit Cards
  • Microfilm
  • X-rays
  • Photographs
  • Video Tapes
  • Transparencies
  • Product Defects
  • Counterfeit products
  • Computers
  • And more

Home Shredding Service

Business Records Management is pleased to offer both Home Service Programs, as well as a Drop Off Service Program. As Identity theft reaches all-time highs, these programs are designed for people that are concerned with protecting their identity by disposing all personal mail and bills that they receive. These programs provide another option as well for the thousands of homeowners that have home offices or run their business from their home and do not have the time to hand feed small office shredders. All material that is shredded is recycled into new paper products.

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Shred Events

Business Records Management participates in numerous community and business related Shred events throughout the year which are tied to recycling initiatives. Planning and preparation is the key to any successful event and a shred day is no exception. In order to gain maximum exposure and visibility for your organization we’ve come up with a few suggestions to help get the message out.

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Information Destruction Policy Compliance Toolkit

The Federal Trade Commission and other regulatory enforcement agencies have cited the lack of written policies in assessing recent fines for violations of information destruction requirements. Business Records Management is one of a limited number of information security companies nationwide with authorized representatives in the use and distribution of the Information Destruction Policy Compliance Toolkit.

 Information Destruction Policy (Read More)…

Our Process To Protect Your Records

Business Records Management is dedication to your security. Business Records Management is able to provide secure destruction because we provide our customers with a secure procedure for destruction.

 Secure Shredding Process (Read More)…

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