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Special Projects

Special Projects

Because No Two Projects Are the Same

When you decide to invest in projects to better manage your records and irreplaceable assets, many vendors will fit your needs into a predefined solution. Business Records Management knows that each customer has unique requirements and our processes are designed to be adaptable. Regardless of what type of projects your organization requires, you can be confident that Business Records Management can help design a solution that meets your needs.

What You Need, By Design

Business Records Management offers solutions that are adaptable and scalable, so that they will align with your specific needs, regardless of your size or industry. You might be looking for ways to increase your usable space, such as relocating inactive files to off-site storage, or you may need some assistance with converting your paper records to digital format. Whatever your special project needs may be; imaging, indexing, re-boxing, file room moves, clean-outs and secure destruction, we design the right solution for you.

Our Service

Whether you need to relocate the contents of a single filing cabinet or hundreds of thousands of documents requiring cataloguing and ongoing access even after relocation, we take the time and effort to work with your organization to design the right solution. If your needs change you can be assured that we never charge removal fees that hold you “hostage.” We strive every day to earn your continued trust. We can’t imagine conducting business any other way.

Industry Experience, à la Carte

Your records management needs are dynamic and Business Records Management specializes in working with your organization to design the right solution that can take the form of:

  • Document Imaging
  • Records Purging
  • Transportation
  • Cleanouts
  • Indexing
  • File Rotations
  • Temporary storage to accommodate moves or renovations
  • Condensing
  • File Room Moves


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Business Records Management serves clients across the United States from our underground facilities in Western Pennsylvania, conveniently situated close to Pittsburgh, PA and Youngstown, OH.

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